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The 1st images of the new conceptual car filtered into the Network from Nissan

On open spaces of a global network there were 1st images of absolutely new concept car from Japanese auto maker of Nissan. It is supposed that the novelty debut about which at present is not present absolutely any инфы, will take place in a year future More

Nissan GT-R of new generation will enter the market in three years of

Japanese Nissan GT-R supercars New generation will enter the market in three years. Such information was widespread the specialist zabugorny mass media referring to the unnamed representative of the company. At present though how many detailed инфы More

Nissan embodied 75 thousand электрокаров Leaf

the Nissan Company declared realisation of a 75-thousand copy of the Leaf model. It is remarkable that only about half a year ago, in February of the 2013th, the producer informed that the total volume of sales an electropenalty made 50 thousand realised More